Author’s Note


Dear Reader,

Molly is the girl with 35 names, each one of them special and not one the same… but this book is not only about Molly, it is about you too. Before you begin reading Molly’s story, take a moment to think about your name. Why was it chosen for you and what does it mean? Take a moment to think about where your family came from, and take another moment to consider your roots as far back as they might go. Think about how an ancestor’s decision to immigrate has made a difference in the life you now lead. Think about the talents, values, and desires you have; might these have come from someone before your time? How have you been touched by someone you may never meet? When you do, you will discover how very special and unique each one of us is. We each have a story to tell. I have made this journey of discovery and that is how I came to write The Girl with 35 Names.

The character of Molly is based on the life of my Grandmother Malkah who grew up in a small village in Russia. She was married to a man she first met on her wedding day and because of the war that came to her country, she was forced to emigrate and build a new life in America. Her strength and courage, her adaptability and endless optimism, her joy of giving to others as well as her deep and tender love of family, inspired me to write this narrative of her life.

It is my hope that readers today will discover through Molly’s experiences the joy of giving to others, and the importance of learning who we really are and where we come from. Together, let’s make connections to our past and understand the impact these connections may have on our future.

Molly’s journey of self-discovery and sometimes magical experiences is one that mothers and daughters of all ages can relate to today. Her story celebrates women and the individuality of spirit that binds us all together.

– DJ Colbert, Los Angeles 2018

About The Author

DJ Colbert was born and raised in the Boston area of Massachusetts. After college she moved with her husband Jeff to Southern California where she has enjoyed living for over 30 years. Her home is filled with the products of her creativity, from watercolors to miniature houses and sculpture. She loves yoga and pilates, dance and movement and music of all types, especially Spanish guitar. She is an avid reader and is the author of many short stories, and has even illustrated a few. An active participant in her community, she has been a founding member of two women’s charitable giving circles that support health and the arts for children in the L.A. area. DJ Colbert has two grown children and a sweet granddaughter named Brooke. She is currently finishing the screenplay for The Girl with 35 Names, which is her first novel.