TV & Film

The first feature, The Girl with 35 Names, spans Molly’s childhood and early adulthood, charting her discovery of the magic of her ancestral line, her coming to terms with her emerging powers, and concludes with her forced exile from Russia.

The sequel begins with Molly’s immigration to America, along with her new husband, Sam. As we follow Molly and Sam in their exile, we experience the challenges and surprises of America at the turn of the twentieth century. We are brought on a journey of heartbreak, community, and hope as Molly slowly but surely infuses her new American home with some Old World magic.

About the Screenwriter

DJ Colbert and JJ Harrington have collaborated extensively to adapt Molly’s story for the screen. Two feature-length screenplays, exploring the universal appeal of Molly’s adventures, powers, and gifts are currently underway. If you are a producer, director, agent, or development executive and would like to learn more about the potential of Molly’s story for the screen, please click the contact link below for more information.

Hailing from an international background, JJ is an Irish-American screenwriter, filmmaker and educator. She is a former recipient of competitive film funding awards (writing/directing) from the Irish Film Board (Screen Ireland), RTÉ and Film Base. She received a Tyrone Guthrie artist’s bursary for the completion of her feature screenplay, Tenebrae. Her shorts have screened at international festivals and been nationally broadcast on RTÉ.

 She has taught film at institutions including Trinity College Dublin and was formerly the head of the film department at Pulse College at Windmill Lane Recording Studios. During this time she provided feedback for, and coordinated the production of,  myriad screenplays, short live action, music video, and documentary projects.

She works as a freelance screenwriter, script-reader and script-editor, and is a member of the Writers Guild of Ireland.

Series Overview

By drawing on characters from Molly’s past, present, and future, the series spans multiple seasons, with each season focusing on the arc of an individual female protagonist. At this point, protagonists include the younger Pearl, Molly, Molly’s daughter Rosie, and Rosie’s daughter, Lily.

Each season follows a single heroine through time as she solves family mysteries, learns about her individual magical powers, and changes the arc of history.

The series will further explore the mysterious figure of the family tree, inspired by ancient mythologies, and its bewitching role within Molly and Pearl’s ancestry.

Individual story arcs would be offset by dramatic historical backdrops ranging from Russia to America to Hawaii, and include the Russian Civil War and World Wars I and II.

Each series arc features themes of environmental annihilation, saving family trees from destruction, and the redemptive power of connectivity