Move America Forward

“America is a place of golden promise with freedoms there we can only hope to imagine.”

-Stella Gold, The Girl With 35 Names

It has been a pleasure to join Move America Forward and support them in the important work they do, sending care boxes to you, our brave military men and women who serve and protect our freedoms and safety every day, from deployments around the world. We hope you enjoy the packages we have sent. It is our hope that they remind you of how important you are and how we value the work that you are doing. We are forever thankful for your dedication and commitment and humbled by your sacrifice, and for the long hours and time you spend away from family and friends. We are grateful as well to your families who serve along with you, back at home. I know how difficult this separation must be, but you are all deeply appreciated by a grateful country. America needs more people like you.

As a special gift and to honor your service, it is my pleasure to share with you a newly-published novel entitled The Girl With 35 Names. It is a book whose story will resonate with all ages and it is meant to be read and shared with your own family, friends, and loved ones. Its message is one of hope and resilience about the journey we all follow to discover who we really are, and of how we are all capable of changing the world around us for the better, just as you do, everyday.

Very best wishes,
DJ Colbert

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