“America is a place of golden promise with freedoms there we can only hope to imagine.”

-Stella Gold, The Girl With 35 Names
Dear K.I. Family,


It is with great pleasure that I am able to offer you a free download (eBook or audiobook, your choosing) of my new novel The Girl With 35 Names. The book was written in memory of my Bubbe, Molly Zabarsky, and is presented to you here on the anniversary of her Yahrzeit, 30 Kislev 5728.


Ever since the snowy Russian winter’s night she was born, Molly has longed to know the secret behind each of the 35 names she carries. When she unearths a pair of time-worn spectacles in her garden, she is drawn into a mysterious realm of vivid, magical discoveries. Who are these women she is named for and what have they gifted her? What are the fantastic colors swirling around the people she sees and the young man she meets on her wedding day? Will Molly have time to learn all she is meant to before the soldiers of the Red Army invade her small village, exploding her world into chaos and war? Fearing for her safety, Molly must flee her family home and travel across the Atlantic ocean to the strange and frozen New England town of Peabody, Massachusetts. The power of the spectacles becomes Molly’s connection and hope in her new home, as they weave her once again into a world of wonder and tiny miracles that will change her life and the lives of her new community forever.


Since publication in March 2020, The Girl with 35 Names has received thousands of 5-star reviews from all over the world as well as a prestigious book-of-the-month award from Book Baby. Molly’s journey of self discovery and magical experiences is one that families of all ages can relate to today. Her story celebrates the unique talents and the individuality of spirit that links us all together. I am so grateful to Gilli Messer whose beautiful voice you will hear as the reader for my audiobook as well as from the bimah on the High Holy days and thank you to Rabbi Amy Bernstein, Cantor Chayim Frenkel and Rabbi Steven Carr-Reuben for this very special opportunity.


From tiny seeds miracles grow. I hope you enjoy The Girl With 35 Names.

Best wishes,
DJ Colbert


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