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  • The Girl with 35 Names by DJ Colbert is a highly entertaining must-read novel that won’t disappoint. Right from the start, the reader is glued to the book.

    Sanford Wagenberg M.D.

  • An original tale that reminds us of the importance of tradition, the wonderful gifts our mothers and grandmothers have bestowed on us, the resilience and strength that accompanies the immigrant experience, and the necessity of bringing warmth and colour into our lives.

    Pádraic Whyte

  • The Girl with 35 Names is an adventure that takes place in another time, yet provides lessons for the present. Where love and hate meet face to face. We are taken on a mystic journey that takes us from sweet cakes to brutality beyond words.

    Larry D. Elmore

  • I was recommended this wonderful book. I could not put it down. The journey of this wonderful girl to find herself was very engaging. All young girls and women of all ages will truly enjoy this reading. Congratulations to this young new novelist.

    Sharon Schammel

  • The Girl with 35 Names was a hard-to-put-down, intriguing novel to read. The characters were well developed and the story easy to follow. It also was lovely to see how family was so important to the characters. Very touching novel!

    Fala Powers

  • Molly the amazing Girl, The Girl with 35 Names is a heartwarming story about a family of diverse and talented Russian women from the past, present and future. Along her journey of self discovery, Molly learns how critically important the connections to the women in her family are to her survival.

    Jim M.